Learning French with a tutor is fun and rewarding.

Your tutor will help you speak the language with confidence.

Your learning journey will start with a chat with a tutor to get to understand your needs and goals. During the chat, if happy, you will arrange your first classes. The French lessons can be in person or online using video call services such as Skype.

Book a chat with a tutor to start your learning journey.

Start Learning

Your tutor specialises in helping adult language learners. As an adult your needs are quite different from younger learners, so the lesson style and content reflects this.

French lessons are personalised to ensure that you progress in a way that suits you. Your tutor will support you in developing and improving your language speaking skills over time. Together with your tutor, you will focus on pronunciation, developing a French accent and increasing your vocabulary.

What levels of French tuition are offered?

Tuition is offered at a variety of levels, from beginner level to advanced level. No prior knowledge of French is required to start learning.

How exactly would I learn French with you?

Learning French with a tutor is all about helping you to learn in an intuitive and natural way to enable you to develop your skills and confidence over time.

Before tuition starts many learners recognise some French, but when it comes to speaking lack confidence.

Your tutor will help you to progress by teaching you how the French language works. Your tutor will also give you the opportunity to practise using the language in a supportive environment.

You will learn a bit at a time, piece by piece. There will be French language speaking practice as well as theory to increase your knowledge.

Focus will also be paid to pronunciation.

Your skills and speaking confidence will grow over time in a similar way to the intuitive way a child learns their native language.

At what time would my French lessons be?

The tutor and you will agree the time(s) when your sessions take place.

French lessons are offered weekdays between 9am and 9pm.

Where would the French lessons take place?

The French lessons can be in person or online using video call services such as Skype.

Currently only online sessions are possible due to the Coronavirus situation, but tuition in person will be possible in southern Hampshire in the future.

Could I do language tuition with a friend or family member?

One-to-one tuition is the most common type of tuition. Nonetheless, taking lessons with a friend or family member is also a great choice. 

Learning with a friend or family member means you have someone else to practise the language with outside of the classes themselves.

How much does it cost to have French lessons?

Pricing starts at just £23 per lesson (60 minutes). Check the prices page for more details on lesson prices.

How do I find out further information or book French language tuition?

Fill out the enquiry form to arrange an initial chat with a tutor.