Booking a tutor to learn German is both a fun and rewarding activity to do.

With a tutor you could start speaking German with more confidence.

Book a chat with a tutor to discuss your learning needs. If you are happy after your chat, you can then book some initial tuition sessions.

Your German language lessons can either be online or in person, depending on where you are.

Book a chat with a tutor to start your German learning journey.

Start Learning

Your tutor started teaching German to adults a number of years ago. Adults have very different needs from younger learners, so you can be reassured that the teaching style will suit your needs.

German tuition is designed around you as you as an individual. This means that lessons have the soul aim of helping you to progress in a way that suits you.

Your tutor will support you to help you to gain greater confidence and skills in speaking German.

Tuition will focus on improving your German pronunciation, accent, vocabulary and structure.

What levels of German tuition are being offered?

German tuition is offered at a variety of levels. Help is available whether you are a complete beginner or have been learning for several years.

How exactly would I learn German with you?

Your tutor will provide you support to help you to learn German in an intuitive and natural way. During German lessons you increase your knowledge and skills as well as confidence using the language.

Often German speakers say that they understand more than they can say. This is not unusual.

Your tutor will help you to increase your knowledge and confidence using the language.

Depending on your wishes, learning how the German case system works will also be a focus. Having an understanding of the German case system is essential to progress from a beginner/lower intermediate level to a more advanced level in the language.

With the help of your tutor, you will see how the German language works.

For many learning German is a gradual process. During tuition lessons you will learn theory, vocabulary as well as gain confidence using the language.

When would I do German tuition with you?

You can do German tuition weekdays between 9am and 9pm.

Where would I do German tuition?

German tuition would either be online or in person, depending on your location.
Unfortunately the Coronavirus situation means that only online German tuition is offered for now. However, it is hoped that in person tuition in southern Hampshire will once again be possible in the next few months.

Could I learn German with someone else?

One-to-one tuition is the most popular option, but you could learn with a friend or family member. The great thing about taking tuition with someone else is you could practise speaking German outside of tuition sessions.

How much would German tuition lessons cost?

Pricing starts at just £23 per lesson (60 minutes). Check the prices page for more details on German tuition prices.

How do I find out further information or book German language tuition?

Fill out the enquiry form to arrange an initial chat about German tuition.