Choosing to learn Spanish with a tutor is a great way to learn a fascinating language.

With a tutor you could start speaking the language with confidence.

Book a chat with a tutor to discuss your aims and wishes. If you are happy, you can then book your initial tuition sessions.

Spanish tuition is online using the video call service Skype.

Book a chat with a tutor to start your learning journey.

Start Learning

The tutor is experienced in teaching adult language learners. Adults have very different needs from younger learners, so the way you will be taught reflects this.

Focus will be paid to pronunciation, developing a Spanish accent, increasing your vocabulary as well as language structure.

All Spanish tuition is focused on your needs. This means all lessons are designed to help you to progress in a way that suits you.

With the help of your tutor, you will increase your Spanish communication skills as well as confidence over time.

What levels of Spanish tuition are offered?

Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced level, your tutor will be able to help you. Nonetheless, no prior knowledge of Spanish is required, so complete beginners are welcome.

How exactly would I learn Spanish with you?

Progressing in Spanish with a tutor is all about you learning to speak and communicate in an intuitive and natural way.

Prior to starting tuition often a learner understands some written Spanish, but struggle with spoken Spanish. However no pre-existing knowledge is necessary to start sessions.

With the help of your tutor, you will learn how the Spanish language works and increase the amount of Spanish you can use when speaking.

Learning would be a gradual process, with you learning a little bit more theory or vocabulary every lesson. Over time you will also increase your skills and confidence using the Spanish language through practice.

Having a tutor also has the advantage that you can ask as many questions as you wish.

The aim of tuition is for you to increase your skills over time and grow in confidence with using the language.

When could I do Spanish lessons?

Spanish lessons are possible weekdays between 9am and 9pm (subject to availability).

Where would I learn Spanish with you?

Spanish tuition is online using Skype.

Could I do Spanish tuition with a friend or family member?

Most people choose one-to-one tuition, but you could learn with someone else, such as a friend or family member.

Learning with someone else has the big advantage that you could help each other outside of tuition sessions.

How much does it cost to have Spanish lessons?

Pricing starts at just £23 per one hour lesson. Check the prices page for more details on lesson prices.

How do I find out further information or book Spanish language tuition?

Fill out the enquiry form to arrange an initial chat with the tutor.