help learn foreign language tutor

I am Adam and run the language tuition business.

I offer Spanish, French, Italian and German language tuition online only exclusively to adults. All tuition sessions are online using the video call service Skype.

Since when have I been offering language tuition services?

I have been offering language tuition services since 2010. (For info: Since approximately mid-March 2020 or thereabouts all language tuition has been online. Prior to then language tuition was in person. I may possibly review what is offered in the future, but tuition remains exclusively online for the foreseeable future).

When did my love for foreign languages start?

It started as a child when I developed a passion for learning foreign languages. As a child I was regularly watching foreign television programs and reading language learning books. Language learning was pretty much an obsession.

Helping people and foreign languages are my real passion, so teaching languages is my dream job.

How do you find adults learn a language best?

I find that the best way to progress in a foreign language consists of several elements, namely:

  1. Learning how the language works.
  2. Developing your knowledge (vocabulary and language structures) to support your knowledge on how the language works.
  3. Growing in confidence using and applying your knowledge through speaking practice and other language practice.

Learning a language is not an overnight activity, but would be a gradual process. You learn a little theory, vocabulary and structure every session. Your confidence would grow through speaking practice.

Essentially during tuition you:

  • Learn how to say exactly what you want to say
  • Improve your accent
  • Increase your knowledge and skills
  • Gain confidence using the language
  • Learn in a supportive and engaging environment

The number one aim for language tuition is for you to receive exactly the support you need in your language learning journey.