Art classes normally take place at Victory Hall in Warsash, Hampshire (between Fareham and Southampton) on Wednesdays between approximately 1pm and 3pm (plus time to set up and pack away your things).

Classes are the perfect opportunity for you to practise painting and drawing at your own pace.

As well as enjoying the art classes themselves, you can also make new friends at the classes.

The next art classes are scheduled for June or July 2021.

Get in contact to join the next art class.


Who comes to the art classes?

Everyone attending are adults. It is a mixed ability group.

What kind of activities do people do?

Most people practise their painting skills, typically using oil paints or watercolour paints. Painting with acrylics, drawing or using oil pastels are also possibilities.

Practising drawing skills is encouraged as a skill in itself or to help you to progress in your art. Developing your drawing skills can help your art progress in many ways, such as improved perspective.

Are there group activities?

You are free to do any painting or drawing you wish to do, but there are also group activities, such as challenges. The tutor regularly sets painting and drawing challenges. These are suggested activities and may include:

  • Creating a painting or drawing in the style of a particular artist.
  • Painting or drawing a suggested object or type of object.
  • Adopting a certain style (such as an impressionist style) when creating a picture.

What makes these art classes different from others?

Numbers are kept low to ensure that you receive as much attention and support as you need.

The room where the art classes take place has the advantage of natural light, which is great for painting. It is also nice and spacious.

On top of the two hours for the art class itself, you have extra time to set up your easel or work space at the start of the class and to pack away your items at the end of the class. This means that in practice you always have more than two hours to focus exclusively on your art.

Can beginners come to the art classes?

Yes, of course. Beginners are always welcome to come along to give it a go. You do not even need to commit to doing further lessons.

What kind of instruction is there at the classes?

Support is also provided during the art classes to help you to progress on your artistic journey. What this means is:

  • You will receive help in developing your ideas for your art.
  • Where you are unsure of what to draw or paint, you will receive suggestions for pictures to give you inspiration.
  • You will also get help and assistance with difficulties that you face with you art.

The art classes are not formal instructional classes, but the tutor will help you. Group members also help each other to develop their skills and confidence in creating art.

The idea behind the art classes is to allow people to have fun in a relaxing and supportive environment.

I cannot come to art lessons every week. Is that a problem?

That is not a problem. You can do classes on a “pay as you go” basis (i.e. just pay for the ones you come along to).

Are refreshments provided?

In normal circumstances tea and coffee are provided, but unfortunately this is currently not possible due to government guidelines. You are however welcome to bring along your own drinks.

Who supplies the art materials?

To keep costs low, you would need to bring along any art materials you wish to use during the classes. Advice on what you need is available.

What about parking?

The hall has free of charge parking facilities available to hall users.

What is the current pricing?

For pre-paid sessions each session (2 hours) is £13.50 (= works out as £6.75/hour*).

You can alternatively pay each time you come to an art lesson at £14 per session (= works out as £7/hour*) with no further committment necessary.
* Based on 2 hours

Do I need to book?

Yes. There are limited places, so booking is required. Just get in contact to book your place.

Covid Information

There are safety procedures in place during art classes to ensure everyone´s safety. Details will be provided to you before your first class.